Hi, I’m Adam!


I am a design-first creative with a passion for team leadership, digital media and brand building. My love for people, graphics, art, and cooking drives inspiration in my life. I am always looking for the next opportunity, where I can bring my expertise and passions to solve new challenges in the creative space, expanding our collective thinking and motivate change in the world.

With 13 years of experience in the media and design industry, I have worked with some of the worlds’ top brands to help them create and build: integrated advertising campaigns, brand systems, motion graphics, short-form and social-first video, digital & OTT series graphics packages, experiential programming, production logistics, and more on a global scale.

My Approach:

1. Empathize: (Love)

"People are really trying their best. Just like being happy and sad, you will find yourself on both sides of the equation many times over your lifetime, either saying or hearing the wrong thing. Let's all give each other a pass, shall we?"

– David Rakoff

Author and radio host.
From his book Half Empty

2. Design: (Purpose)

Brain structure to brain function: “In science, the unknown is our home base, and if you know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be doing it”

- Joy Hirsch
Professor of Psychiatry, of Comparative Medicine, and of Neuroscience, Columbia University

From Portraits of the Mind

3. Create: (Creativity)

“Sometimes I come here early, maybe not painting, just sitting there, in my environment I created for myself... to feel some passion for what I’m doing. A build up and a passion... it’s my world, it’s my 42nd street, Disneyland or something. It’s called Joyceland."

– Joyce Pensato
Painter, Artist
From a studio visit video on Nowness

4. Lead: (Leading by Example)

Ideas lead to a result; ideals result in a leader:

“Having ideals is having a compass that always points to your heart instead of your brain, and fulfillment isn’t something you just imagine in your head but have to feel in your soul. In my own work I was free to express my ideas; as a leader I now strive to live up to my ideals."

– John Maeda
Executive, Designer, Technologist
from Redesigning Leadership